Special Religious Education

Harvest Church has volunteers that have been authorised to teach SRE in our local primary schools

All of our SRE teachers have been cleared by Newcheck and undergo SRE training carried out by Godspace and Cepconnect. This training covers classroom management, child protection and many other teaching guidelines. Our SRE teachers follow authorised age appropriate curriculum that can be viewed below:



This curriculum is taught in a sensitive and respectful manner. The Gosford and District Ministers Association (GDMA) is the governing body that authorises the curriculum that are being used. The GDMA is made up of a number of local church leaders who are responsible for raising the funds needed to purchase the teaching materials for SRE. There is a process of cyclic curriculum review every five years.

The following documents relate to Harvest Church classes in NSW State Schools:

Teacher Audit Process

Teacher Authorisation Process

Complaint form

Complaints Policies and Procedures

Teacher Basic Training

Social Media Policy and Procedures

Teachers Manual

If you are interested in teaching Scripture in Schools or want to no more please feel free to contact us at harvestchurchccoast@gmail.com.